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The Times They Are a-Changin' (but s'all good)

A little announcement everybody, we will continue to supply and grow our business and hope to move into the exporting of the car market (as the Japanese prices rise, our Delica rates become much more reasonable and competitive). If you are serious about wanting to import a car, we can get on the way to helping that happen and get you setup in a nice LHD L300.

A lot of our parts will be made on a made when ordered basis (like exhaust pipes), some will be kept in supply ( like radiators), and some will only be available when a large enough quantity is ordered (such as window louvers) we only have one set left as of right now, likely sold out by the time you read this blog post).

Last unfortunate announcement, because of the tariff wars with China, it is severely affecting our prices on products, so coming up soon we will be forced to raise the price on a lot of our products at least to be able to balance our cost and keep an even balance to where we have been in the past few months. We won't be gouging prices, just enough to keep us going.

Thanks for all your continued support.


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