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The myth of snorkel design.

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

A lot of people come to me wanting to buy the snorkel with a front facing air intake cap, many of their reasons are because they think this increases power. In fact, a front facing air intake might be more harmful than good. A snorkel's general purpose is to draw in clean air when riding in a dusty environment, let your truck have a better capability to forward water, bring in cooler air further away from the heat of the engine, and many people think to give it a ram air effect from a front facing intake. To explain why some of the reasons I just mentioned are not beneficial is this: at low speeds there is not possibly any extra collection of air into the engine, when riding off-road it is likely that the dusty environment will be kicked up in the air and with the front facing intake it's much more likely to be sucking that dirt in your intake system, especially if you ride in a convy. If you look at many pictures of overlanding and off-road trucks from the past and present the intake cap is facing backward to avoid these drawbacks or at least using a dust sock over the top hole. The next issue to talk about is the ram air effect, because the engine is turbo it will suck through as much air as it needs and not only that but as much as it can take. We here at DelicaWorks stand by the flush design from DreamWorks as our snorkel of choice for performance and aesthetics as it matches the contour of the L300 and does not interfere with any clearance for roof mounted accessories or squeezing through narrow off-road tracks. I tried to pair it with a picture so you can see how it looks from a clear angle to really show off the narrow profile. If you have any doubts of the capability we run our two hole inlet version you can find in the shop. On full built engines with TD04-15T turbos running 2bar of boost that can GPS at 200km on 33" mud tires. Also notice, they can be painted to match the truck!

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