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On our website, new partnerships blooming, and looking for vendors.

We have been slow adding stuff to the shopping cart, due to a couple reasons. But to sum it up, if you are looking for something we don't have listed please don't hesitate to ask as we can likely get it or at least guide you on where to. Another issue is with our shopping cart system not being functional, we are debating whether to move over to another host now or wait until or subscription ends, so that in itself makes listing things somewhat challenging as a use of time at this point.

As we have passed a year of operating, we have been more successful (and busy) than we ever imagined, with nearly 150 individual customers not counting repeat orders. This has allowed us to grow more quickly than ever imagined but also somewhat overloaded our poorly planned venture into this, learning as we were going on many things. But now we are well prepared and making headway to offer even more, with faster shipping, and easier. We always have to say thank you to DreamWorks as working with you has been one of the best things to happen to allow us to form this business, special thanks to the owner and his wife for believing in us.

We will have more to announce soon, but we are in the beginning stages of working with a great importer to bring you left hand drive Delicas to USA planning for being available in the beginning of next year! When more on this is finalized and we find the right time, both of us will make an announcement on the partnership for the North American market.

With that being said, we would love to have some vendors, or partners to work with in Europe, to lessen the cost of shipping for everybody, or to let you become a dealer of our/DreamWorks parts and/or Delicas in your own country (parts must be paid in advance to be a dealer). If this is something that sounds like it might be capable for you give us a shout.

Thanks for all your support, and happy holidays everybody. Hope we will keep the good days rolling after them with the launch of our Delicas finally landing in USA.

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