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A bit about us, Taiwan, and the L400 Delica Space Gear

Some of you might wonder, why we as a Delica shop don't really offer much for the L400. The reason is they are not very popular here in Taiwan for one big reason. All the Space Gears in Taiwan only came with one engine, the one engine nobody wants; the 2.4L petrol 4g64. We have the engines here from other trucks to do the swap the the 2.8L diesel or the 3L v6 but in Taiwan engine swaps are not legal and will not pass the biannual inspection. So because of this the choice of Delica in Taiwan is the L300 Star Wagon which is available with both the diesel and gas engine, and most people prefer the diesel. We have a small selection of parts to offer, that I will soon put up on the website, but there will never be the same amount as the L300 at least in the near future. We have a 2" lift kit, skid plates, tow hitches, ladders, and we can get most anything for the interior or exterior (such as ac condensers or headlights which are universal) as I said I will soon put up on the site shop. Another issue we have with producing parts for the L400 is that we only have the high roof here, the 4x4 was only made in as the short wheel base, high roof version, and the 2wd is a long wheel base, high roof design. Ideally we would love to get a low roof L400 2.8L and/or 3.0 over here in the shop from Japan to make parts for but that's not within our budget at this point. (Any investors out there want to help?) It's a big problem, because even though we are just a stone's throw away from Japan, Taiwan will not allow a right hand drive vehicle to be registered to drive on public roads ever, no matter the age. We also have the option to export the body without an engine, as all cars here are left hand drive if anybody out there wants to do go that route and then swap in whichever engine they like. So to wrap it up, if you need parts for the L400 keep what I've said in mind but you can go ahead and ask us what we have.


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