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Delica, the why/where/how and whats of DelicaWorksIntl

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Taiwan Delica with Taiwan bubble milk tea

It's a total wild idea I had that started this business, without much planning at all except a love for Japanese cars and trucks. I'll make a short story to give you a bit of background, I have been into cars since as long as I could remember, got my first s13 Nissan in 2003 when I was in high school and immediately fell in love with drifting and Japanese culture. When I Was 19 I moved to Japan and helped my friend to start his business of exporting car parts to the states, back when JDM was a new thing to most people. I had a very lucky life being involved in a lot of the right circles and had some amazing opportunities. I took a break from cars for a while, for some personal trouble I got into from street racing, and focused on other things for years. When I was 28 I moved to Taiwan and noticed tons of these weird Toyota looking vans everywhere. It wasn't until I took a trip to Vancouver and saw them littered everywhere that it clicked that they might be something special. So when I got back to Taiwan I slowly developed some knowledge and insight to these cars that we had here as well, but the difference is they're left hand drive (among other small details). I met some people, specifically the shop DreamWorks, the boss Snoopy, and their group of Delica offroading enthusiasts who introduced me to off roading and camping with them. It wasn't long after that me and my girl Ashely got one for ourselves and started on this venture you might be familiar with, you see here!

If not, check out our FB group and IG!

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