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Finally here! The 5 bolt downpipe for those with TD04 open gate 5 bolt turbo flanges, D4BF engine or other Hyundai engine swaps running the Garret turbo with a open gate 5 bolt flange. A full 64mm from turbo and wastegate collection to exit, or 2.5". Unlike any other L300 turbo diesel pipe on the market, this completely stainless unit is a true turbo back! Replacing the stock downpipe and carefully shaped to offer the most amount of ground clearance. It uses the factory exhaust hangers, has a massive straight through low profile muffler which is actually very good at keeping the noise down. It is flanged into 3 sections for ease of shipping, and as an added treat we will be designing different rear sections including more side dumps, rear exits, and the ability to run a DPF. So if you bought this pipe but later on decided you want to make it a rear exit, we will offer just the rear section so you do not need to replace the whole exhaust. The 5 bolt turbo flange downpipe version is currently in the works for you big turbo lovers or those with the D4BF swap. This pictured downpipe is the handmade prototype, but now it is jigged in the manufacturer and we are ready to begin manufacturing now! Comes with all new hardware, metal gaskets, and additional hanger. Please specify which turbo you are running and if you have done the D4BF swap before ordering. As well please inform us of any suspension modifications you have done, as far as lifting or using driveline spacers.

(5 bolt downpipe) Stainless Steel turbo back L300 exhaust with twin tips

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