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  • Are your products really out of stock?
    NO!! They are in stock mostly, we just haven't set up the shopping cart system yet. You can order for now sending an inquiry on which parts you want via this website chat system, bby email, or through our social media accounts (Facebook or Instagram) and we will send you an invoice through PayPal.
  • Do you sell second hand products?
    Yes we can, though keep in mind what I wrote up above about the differences in our L300. If you have an inquiry about a second hand part please contact us on the contact page.
  • Are JDM and Taiwanese Delicas the same?
    They are except for a few major differences. The obvious one being our Delicas are LHD! All of our aftermarket parts are tested and assured to work on JDM vehicles. Most interior pieces will work, though there is some differences in the obvious of the steering wheel being on the other side. The Taiwanese Delica L300 engine was the standard turbo diesel 4d56 and petrol 4g64. The body was only available in a high top version, with sliding doors on both sides and the Crystal Lite glass top version (which here was only automatic and turbo diesel). We had the turbo diesel available with the water and oil cooled turbos since 1994. The diesel versions go from 1992-1999, and the petrol versions went all the way until 2004.
  • Do you export cars?
    Yes we export cars to anywhere in the world, though you must make sure that the age requirements and legal issues are all known on your end. We are only familiar with USA and Canada regulations. Please contact us on the contact page for more information.
  • Is this all your products?
    No! We will be adding new products everyday! Please check back often.
  • What's the main difference in LHD and RHD Delicas? (What we can't get YET)
    Well, the obvious difference would be the interior pieces, the steering rack, and the side view mirrors. Some less obvious things are the air conditioning is almost all different besides some main key components such as the compressor and condensers.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Taichung, Taiwan.
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