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 the gears in the machine

The look of defeat. Only my 3rd time nee
Less than 10 hours of ownership, already

This set of five pictures tells the story of how DelicaWorks was formed and why. Can you figure it out? 

Me and my fiancée  Ashely about a year ago had some interest in Delicas and learning of this a friend introduced us to a crazy Delica garage nearby us. It turns out the garage was DreamWorks, the boss "Snoopy" was really excited to ignite our passion so he took us to camp and drive off road deep into the mountains in his L300 with a convoy of other tuned Delicas. We fell in love with the L300 instantly. Soon after we had one for ourselves which led into us being able to form what you see now! These two people are the support that makes this all possible for me, Evan.

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